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1. Jon Buzzard
(Team/Former Employees/Directors, Past Associates)
... a founding director of International Furan Technology (Pty) Ltd ("IFT") and retired in March 2006. As IFT's Technical Director he was responsible for all aspects of the development of the SupraYield technology ...
2. Dr. Karl Joachim Zeitsch
(Team/Former Employees/Directors, Past Associates)
... current team behind the SupraYield technology development. Karl was not only an accomplished engineer, but also excelled in writing poetry.  He was a tennis enthusiast and died on the tennis ...
3. Dave Arnold
(Team/Former Employees/Directors, Past Associates)
... responsible for the SupraYield technology development. Publications: - September 2003: "A Novel and Patented Process For Furfural Production", ARNOLD D R, BUZZARD JL, Proceedings of the South African ...
...  Proserpine Cooperative Sugar Milling Association have purchased the rights, patents and licenses to the new Suprayield technology which is the technology used in the furfural plant currently being constructe ...
25 March 2003: DalinYebo Group company, International Furan Technolgy (IFT)'s SupraYield Technolgy is under consideration for a first of its kind (FOIK) project in Australia.  ABC reports: Proserpine ...
6. Executives
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